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These 33 digital copies of my pastels are in the first place dedicated to the registered students of the RRA.
All other interested people are welcome to look too and profit from the beneficial energies, when they so desire. Students of the RRA have a preference to buy them, if they so desire.
These 33 pastels are a choice from 20 years work and are very dear to me. Created under special circumstances, in special phases of my own growth and development, they are unique examples of spiritual growth, finding expression in colours, signs and geometry, always to the benefit of all.

Some of them I choose to guard in my private collection as they are expressions of my most inner, highest consciousness like Self, Ma Sanandama, The Highest in me.
They feel like self-portraits of inner regions of my soul, heart and highest consciousness.
I share them with you in humbleness and from knowing and accepting in the end we are all connected in one consciousness.
Prices here are higher than in Gallery, because of the worth they have for me.
It’s not possible to bargain about the prices.
You are free to decide their value for you, same as their price.
May the Highest in you know, love and bless you.

Download here the pricelist.

Ines Ligthart Schenk          Ines Ligthart Schenk

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