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Final survey

The series started with purification and ended with peace. In the process depicted by the series one sees human evolution taking place. There is an acceleration in time going on. Everything goes faster. Everything that does not belong to the light and not emanates from love falls apart, ceases to have a right of existence.

This series contains no prophecy. It is an already visible and perceptible development for those who sense and experience the energy of the present time. The certainty and the knowing in the heart of many grows that the seventh Golden Era, an era of peace, joy, harmony and happiness is in development, is at dawn. The joy can already be felt. Only through the heart can we grow from violence and chaos towards joy and peace.

The series makes it possible to see and experience some elements of the process of change. It gives courage, trust and shows the experience through the heart of Ines. It was impossible for her to create this series without experiencing the whole process in herself. She had to make in her own life continually choices that allowed for a life in peace. She has listened carefully to what was enacted inside of her and knew which energies had to be met. Throughout the whole process she focused more and more and finally entirely on the receipt of the impulses worldwide that make peace possible in the end. Contributing to peace on earth is a passion for her, a goal of life, with the full awareness that she first has to manifest peace in herself. Though she not always experiences peace, it has become a predominant state of being for her. Without that state this series couldn’t have been created.

The creation of this series has demanded surrender, discipline, devotion, perseverance, together with a great love for Mother Earth and All That Is and a passion for peace. The last two pastels could only be created after she had adopted her diet to the high frequency of the energies with whom they were created. She lived on fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. She drank no alcohol or coffee and took no sweeties. This aspect belonged for her also to the process of creation. In addition it was necessary for her during the four years of creation to lead a retired life with a minimum of contacts with the outside world, but in close contact with the developing energies on earth. She perceived the darkness and directed herself to the light.

This series of pastels invites to sympathize with the process and to experience power, hope and peace. The series ‘Creating a New World of Peace’ invites also to make a personal contribution to this coming peace, invites to peace in the heart and to a contribution to peace worldwide.

Translation: Herbert van Erkelens

Ines Ligthart Schenk          Ines Ligthart Schenk

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