As a messenger of Sacred Art, I am introducing myself to you with my spiritual name Ma Sanandama. This name has been given to me by Sananda, being the Indian name for the ascended Jesus the Christ. From my birth name Ligthart Schenk, I came to use the name for my website and email address Lightheart. This name expresses exactly the intention and manner by which the pastels are created, from the light and from the love of my heart. When that is easy for you, call me Ines Lightheart. In my creative process I use two names to sign my work with: Ma Sanandama for all the pastels inspired by the teachings of the Radiant Rose Academy, Lightheart for all other pastels. Up till 2015 I signed these last pastels with Ines Ligthart Schenk or Ines LS. I feel totally dedicated to creating my Pastels in Cosmic Language.


Ines is mother and grandmother. Raising her children she combined always with creativity, first with her children, later on her own. She used several disciplines to express herself. From December 1993 on she creates Pastels in a Cosmic Language.

Ines Ligthart Schenk

Ines Ligthart Schenk          Ines Ligthart Schenk

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