About the Pastels

Pastels in a Cosmic Language means they are created in Higher Dimensions by my I Am, my Higher Self, received and manifested in colour, forms, signs and geometry by myself, Ines, living on earth.

The signs are written in a Cosmic language of the Light. Compare the signs with the letters of your alphabet, with 26 letters millions of books can be written, depending on their place, combinations and use. Depending on the use, colour and combinations of signs in the pastels, the vibrations will change and interact with the vibrations of your mind, feelings and physical body. The geometry is the Holy Geometry of the Flower of Life.

I receive these pastels for more than 20 years and during those years they show also my own path of evolving consciousness.

Every pastel has a gift in it, when you are open and receptive. The intellect cannot understand the pastels. Your heart, your feeling and physical body will be able to recognize, absorb, integrate and heal what has to be healed. At the same time your energy level can be raised by the high vibrations the pastels are composed of.

Ines Ligthart Schenk          Ines Ligthart Schenk

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